New or Used Trucks For Business

Sometimes a business needs a truck. There are plenty of options, and one of the most important considerations is whether to buy a new truck or a used truck. There are advantages and disadvantages both ways, and the choice boils down to the needs and rigours of the job. Like any major acquisition, careful consideration is needed to saved money and avoid frustration. We spoke to Dana Boyd from Truck Finance Online to get her expert opinion on the pros & cons of new vs used trucks:

There are a lot of advantages to choosing a used truck. The most important is that truck engines tend to be robust and built for both power and durability. A recently used truck has all the advantages of a new one, and a truck up to a decade old can be reliably used in hauling provided that its maintenance needs are first taken care of. Used trucks command a surprisingly high price, but this reflects their known longevity.

A used vehicle can be well made and only suffers from serious failure and fuel economy problems if not maintained. Maintenance is the major con of an older vehicle, but it can also be an opportunity. Once tuned, a seemingly mediocre vehicle can operate nearly as well as one fresh from the factor. Simple engine design means a relatively easy restoration.

The biggest con to a used vehicle is that its maintenance history can be a mystery. The most serious problem is its oil change history. A neglected engine might suffer from gumming and erosion, and this is not known from a surface inspection of the engine. A used truck should be inspected inside and out before being purchased for business use.

A new truck may or may not be a great investment for your business. They tend to cost a lot of money when new on the lot, and the price depreciates as soon as the transaction is made. A new vehicle does not need new parts for a long time, but there could be trouble in the making. Some makes and models are known for developing maintenance issues early. Others are known for having issues with frequent hauling. Studying user reviews is essential to avoid an expensive mistake.

A new truck looks great and might have the latest safety and fuel-efficiency features. This might be important for a business that advertises itself as being safe or green. A new vehicle might have electronics that make it easier to back out or detect low obstacles. On the flip side, a new vehicle is a shiny gem that might be quickly ruined by dirty work.

An important point that few people think of is the need to break in a green engine. An absolutely new vehicle does not need to be subject to great stress for the first few thousand miles of operation. The engine actually becomes more efficient and durable when it is properly broken in, and stressing out a green engine might cause it damage. This is one last thought before buying a new truck.